Happy New Year!

Today is the start of a new year and I would like to wish all my readers a Happy and wonderful New Year!

Really thanks for visiting my blog though I have not been actively updating it so far. This year, I will ramp up my internet marketing efforts and post more useful tips on my blog to help everybody make more money. Hope everybody can benefit greatly from my posts!

Here’s a video on the New Year 2008 firework display at Marina Bay Singapore to share with you. Let us prosper and make big money in 2008!

YouTube Preview Image

To your success always!



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Ewen Chia Super Affiliates Membership Club

Ewen Chia is launching his Super Affiliates Membership club today. And I guess many people are waiting eagerly to join his super affiliate club where he will share his affiliate marketing secrets.

Now, you can google for Super affiliates, Ewen Chia, and any keywords related to Ewen Chia and you will see any people promoting it. But before you buy it because of any bonuses, I guess you should take a look of what Ewen has to offer first. No one should buy something just because of bonuses unless you really want that product. However a bonus is a plus point but it will be useless unless it complements with Ewen’s super affiliate strategies.

I have been thinking very hard to think of a bonus to complement but frankly I can’t think of one right now. 😉

Before we get distracted by the many affiliates who are giving away their best gifts, we should seriously see what is offered in the club.

Here’s a screen shot of what is to be expected.

Basically, its a super affiliate training program with 5 modules.

  1. Module 1: 15-step Top Secret Super Affiliates Blueprint
  2. Module 2: Super Affiliates Step-by-Step Video Tutorial Training
  3. Module 3: Super Affiliates Monthly Expert Audio Training
  4. Module 4: Super Affiliates Live Video Case Study
  5. Module 5: Super Affiliates Mystery Instant Business In A Box
  6. Time Limited Super Bonus: 80 minutes Instant Affiliates Commissions Videos

Just to share my experience as Ewen’s student. I have benefitted greatly from his coaching and learnt much more than affiliate marketing from him. His strategies are really down to earth and if you apply them correctly, you will definitely see your first sale within days. Continue reading

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Grow your Traffic with Articles

In an online business, one of the most important thing is to master the art of growing traffic. You can either do it by pay per click or using other free methods like blogging or writing articles. Every method has its own pros and cons. It is just how you manage them to your advantage.

I personally prefer growing my traffic with articles writing. Here are some things to take note when you are writing your articles. The main purpose is to provide content and interest the reader to click on your link in the resource box to go to your website. The website where they are taken to must have the same theme as the article. Readers are clever enough to see your plot to just promote them some affiliate products. Continue reading

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Earning money with blogging

Earning money with blogging is possible with any blog as long as the blog has sufficient content. A blog with just sales pitch is going to turn all the customers away. A blog is a very powerful content management platform which attracts lots of search engine traffic easily. By providing relevant content, you are on the right track to earning big money. And it can be done across all niches by anyone.

Setting up a blog today is a very easy task. You can just go to wordpress and follow the step by step instructions to set up your blog on your hosted site. Remember that content is always the most important component and you should not neglect it. The main motive is to attract recurring traffic and build up your readership. It is useless to go all out to attract traffic when you do not have enough content or do not have the motivation to post content everyday. Continue reading

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Do you have your own marketing plan?

I was rather short sighted previously when I first started internet marketing. I went without a plan and just plunged into any niches recommended by any gurus. The niches are of course profitable. But to plunge in without any plan means suicidal.

So what do I mean by a marketing plan? It means how you are going to sustain your promotion for a period of time preferably forever with the niche earning you money on autopilot. If you just plan on creating a squeeze page and hope that buyers will come by, then you are just creating another empty house in the virtual world. Continue reading

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Getting Rich from Information

There are many way to earn money online. You can earn money by selling things on Ebay or Amazon. I bet some of us may even go online to gamble or to do trading. Oh boy, the internet is simply buzzing with activities and really, just the online market is large enough for everybody to earn some money from it. Some successful people have even managed to use the internet to break free from the rat race. Depending on your interest you can just get into any business of your preference to start earning money today. And I mean it. 🙂 Continue reading

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Distraction is my Number ONE Killer

I admit I am very easily distracted when I am online. Are you like me too?

If you have the same symptoms as me then probably you are an easily distracted person.

Here a list of symptoms for you to check yourself.

  1. Easily click on a link while you are doing work, then come back to your work after you realise you have wasted more than 30 minutes which you have regretted wasting or didn’t even realise it.
  2. Chatting with many friends online at one time leaving your work undone. Continue reading
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Is article marketing dead?

A million dollar question again? Nope. Recently, my partner Jasmine has been trying some new techniques in articles marketing to drive traffic to her new website where she is promoting an affiliate product. And to her amazement, she earned her first sale from this product last night through the few articles she wrote last week. She was about to say that article marketing is dead but truely it is not. And she was really happy about it. Continue reading

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Time to beef up my Marketing efforts

Seems like I have got to beef up my effort to achieve more income from my internet marketing businesses. Internet marketing is all about creating lucrative system online and should be done with much planning first before execution. Actually, I used to believe that traffic will come on its own if I blog. Well, I was proven wrong with my own traffic stats. I even believe that people will come from search engines to my blog through the keywords I targeted when I post. Well, again I was proven wrong since the traffic comes and goes without bringing me much income even though it was targeted traffic. Continue reading

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Internet Marketing Myth Report

The IM-Myth report has really showed me how to bring internet marketing to a greater heights. Right now, Russell Brunson is giving away one dollar to everybody who signed up to download his free report. Continue reading

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