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Do You Cheat The Clicks?

Do you look out for ads which are blended well with the content of the website to avoid clicking on them? Have you ever click on ads unknowingly until you realise you are divert to another website? This has happened … Continue reading

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Always Remember This: WIIFM

WIIFM: What is in for me? I bet most of the people have at least heard of this term – WIIFM. This term is really important to everybody, especially to internet marketers. Why is it so?

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Law of Attraction – Like Attracts Like

Lately I have been reading up on Law of Attraction. Perhaps, I am late on this topic since quite a number of bloggers have been talking about this already. Basically, it is to tell us that like attracts like, and “you … Continue reading

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Leverage on a “tell a friend” script for viral marketing!

I bet most of us have encountered a “tell a friend” advertising method before. This is the most simplest technique in viral marketing. You only need to invest in a simple “tell a friend” script and you are all set … Continue reading

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Some good advices for the newbie affiliate marketers

I know it is normal for newbie affiliate marketers to get excited when they start to market online products. If you are not excited at all, then you shouldn’t be in this business. I was once at this stage and so I … Continue reading

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What do you learn from seminars and summits?

This may come a bit late. But read on… I have attended the World Internet Summit Singapore (WIS) last year and before that, I have the idea that there is something secret which are being shared to attendees only. There … Continue reading

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Here’s Why Paying For Your Traffic Is A Smart Move

We have all heard of many success stories about businesses making it big in the internet. Is it through luck that they are successful. I dont think so. It takes more than just luck to be successful and it will … Continue reading

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Stretch your goals!

Goal setting is the most important thing you should do before you start any business. Be it affiliate marketing or anything else. This is the first step to success. Most of the people have set their goals in the beginning … Continue reading

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How much would you pay me to buy my blog?

I stumbled on this interesting site which calculating the value of your blog today. It would be nice to see that your blog is worth more than $10,000, but I wonder whether anyone would really pay us s… Continue reading

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How to Get NOTICED on MySpace?

I bet quite a number of us have joined MySpace. It seems to be one of the favourite “hangout” websites now. Though many of us have joined, some of us are struggling to get noticed by other members, while others … Continue reading

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