Distraction is my Number ONE Killer

I admit I am very easily distracted when I am online. Are you like me too?

If you have the same symptoms as me then probably you are an easily distracted person.

Here a list of symptoms for you to check yourself.

  1. Easily click on a link while you are doing work, then come back to your work after you realise you have wasted more than 30 minutes which you have regretted wasting or didn’t even realise it.
  2. Chatting with many friends online at one time leaving your work undone.
  3. Tends to leave a lot of windows open at one time while doing your work.
  4. Start to surf net to see what are the latest movies.
  5. Feel that you should relax for a while every time you start to work on your business.
  6. Always think you have a lot of time left to complete your work while you actually have barely enough.

Distraction is probably my number one killer of my own time. I often waste a lot of productive time being lead by the nose to look out for profitable ideas or opportunities. I subscribed to many lists whenever they promised me a free report or an ecourse or just a tip. Sometimes I subscribed to people list just to spy on their marketing strategies. 😉 This may be useful if you are looking to learn how to promote from other people in your niche.

To be successful, I must get rid of my bad habits above and here is my own checklist to help me prevent myself from beign distracted. You can follow them too.

  1. Do everything you have to do first before you even start to check your mails.
  2. Remember the power of ONE. Do ONE thing at a time. Close all the windows when you do not need them so you won’t have the tendency to click on them.
  3. Focus on your niche and read thing that you know that is beneficial to your business while discarding everything else.
  4. Have a timetable so you can be disciplined enough to do all what you are required to do and finish them on time.
  5. Lastly, whenever you start any promotion, have a timeline so you can better manage your campaign and try to finish everything you need to do on schedule.

Time is money and let us save our time for more important things.


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