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When I first saw the Pepperjam, I am so attracted by its website. Usually Affiliate Marketing websites are quite plain and traditionally on white background. However, Pepperjam is different from other websites. It is on BLACK background and it is very easy to nagivate through the website. Continue Reading »

When I first saw WebHosting Choice, I find that it has a simple a neat layout. The colours used are smoothing to the eyes and it has a nice logo too. It is very nice of the webmasters to make the whole website easy to navigate due to the simple layout which they have chosen.

I particularly like the FAQ section because it listed a whole bunch of questions which newbies to the internet world will be interested to know before they decide on what are the things they should be looking out for, other than the price. Besides, the questions are very well answered and simple to understand. At the same time, the answers are not too long to bore visitors. Another great component for the newbies is the Quick Start section. This is useful when the newbie has really no idea what to look out for after reading the FAQ section.

Also, when I tested out the system and wanted to find a web host which I “wanted”, I am really amazed that the speed which it returns the results. This is really important as visitors do not really want to wait for long for results. In fact, when the visitor is already familiar with web hosting, then the time taken to return the return is even more important for a successful website on web hosting. Coupled with the fact that it allows the visitor to choose a lot of components to the choice of his web hosting, this website makes it a better website to others which are providing the same service.
 Overall, I find that it is quite a good website to allow people to search for their ultimate choice for web hosting. My only advice is to get rid of the grey portion of the right because it does not look really nice there.

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Well, lately I have been rather busy. But I have not given up on internet marketing. In fact, I am happy that my partner and I are seeing results in our work already. We have bought this Autopilot Profits from Ewen Chia and applied the techniques taught. In just two weeks, we can see that the techniques start to work already. If you want to read more about our results from this Autopilot Profits, you can click here. By the way, the results there are not the most updated one, because after that, we started to make even more sales. Hence, I am starting to build another Autopilot Profit Machine. I just cant wait to see the birth of another Profit Machine.

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Thank you to other who came back to my blog to check out on more tips.

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ABC of Internet Marketing

Just out of boredom, I came out with my own ABC list for internet marketing. You might find it useful.


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It is so easy today to create an affiliate program for your products with today’s technology and help. But in actual fact, are your affiliates working hard enough to help you sell your products? With so many products out in the market which are fighting for your affiliates’ attention and time, you will have to put in more effort to help and motivate your affiliates to sell your products. At the end of the day, when your affiliates make money, you make money too. Let’s see what can you do to keep your affiliates motivated.


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It is important to choose a good domain name for your website. Having a domain name which is able to attract high organic traffic is already half the battle won. With viewers/ customers typing in your domain name to search for products which they need desperately, you are able to profit with these free traffic. Yes, there are people who will just put in products/services which they need into the address bar straight away, without the use of search engines. This leads us to the first method of choosing a high traffic domain name.


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I happened to know of this website which let you compare 2 search terms, in terms of number of search results. In this way, you can also find out the number of search results for your name vs. the topic you want to be related to. It can be quite fun to see some of the fights which people keyed in. For example, my girlfriend and pamela anderson. Haha..



That aside, this website can have something useful for us, internet marketers.

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More people are jumping into this business and trying to get a piece of this pie. But are you the type of person who can snatch a piece of the pie? To find out, do ask yourself if you have the following 5 qualities or not. This is REALLY important, because without these, you can hardly survive.

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If you think that podcasting is meant for only the music and video enthusiasts, then you are WRONG!

Though it is true that podcasting is created mainly for providing continuous flow of multimedia files to consumers through RSS feeds, podcasting has now been used by various sectors in the society for different purposes. As the number of functions of podcasting provides has increased over time, many have taken advantage of it. In fact, one group of people who can benefit from podcasting is the Internet Marketers.

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