Blogging to the Bank 2.0 Review – Is It Really Effective?

Is Blogging to the Bank 2.0 really effective?Box3

Perhaps that is one of the first questions for those who are interested in getting the Blogging to the Bank 2.0 ebook will ask. This ebook is the later version of its predecessor, Blogging to the Bank. The author, Rob Benwell, wrote his first Blogging to the Bank ebook and shook the whole blogging arena. Many people bought the ebook and applied the techniques which he disclosed, and the results with their blogs were astonishing. For those who were unable to earn a single cent from their blogs, they are able to start earning money. However, those techniques from Blogging to the Bank have become outdated and ineffective now. Hence, today Rob Benwell has written the updated version of Blogging to the Bank, with the latest techniques of blogging.

There are some topics, covered in the ebook, which I like. One of them is on the topic of plugins. Rob mentioned on the kinds of plugins which every blogs should have. These plugins will enable the blog to get indexed by the search engines faster. Besides that, Rob also talked about search engine optimisation so that your blog can be optimised. You can also look at this article to know more: Blogging to the Bank 2.0 Review.

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Jeremy Palmer: PPC classroom

Time to rock the affiliate marketing world with pay per click! Jeremy Palmer is now in the limelight of the affiliate marketing world with his big product launch “PPC Classroom” with Anik Singal. Your mailbox must have been filled with mails on bonuses if you purchase “PPC classroom” through their links. Simply, major launches are just super affiliates’ killing ground to see who can get the top affiliate title. But I have to say that some of the bonuses offered are irresistable. Continue reading

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We are moving our blog to…

We will be moving our blog to a new web host soon… Within this few days, you might be experiencing a few glitches here and there. But I guess this is a good time since I will be away for a week for training again… If you have observed any problems regarding to the migration, I will be thankful if you would contact me or Jasmine.

The last training was really a nightmare if no internet access wasn’t enough. The mosquitoes here in Singapore forest is really deadly and has been known for spreading the deadly Dengue fever. Hopefully I will return in one piece after my training.

Before I leave again, I would like to bring to your attention that blogging is really getting onto the trend as more people are starting out as bloggers in whatever niches they choose to be in. Continue reading

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Mike Filsaime – Fish, Poles, Boxes, and Buttons… WTC

I am back after one week of tough training from my in camp training (ICT). And I was shocked to see that my blog theme has been reverted to the default theme. Sorry for the ugly theme. And now everything is back to normal again.

While I was clearing my mails that has accumulated over the week, I read Mike Filsaime post on “Fish, Poles, Boxes, and Buttons… WTC?”. You must be wondering what is it about. If you have to read it immediately, go click on the link to go there now. Continue reading

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Life without Internet Access

Life is tough without an internet access. I am currently undergoing in camp training for the whole of Sep and is only entitled to use the internet only for 30 minutes each time per queue. The worst part is that there are only 3 working computers for a whole bunch of people. In case you do not know what I meant by in camp training, it is a compulsory retraining every Singaporean guys have to go through after serving their national service to the Army. Continue reading

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Hostgator – What do you look out for in a web hosting company?

There are many of us who know about Hostgator, a web hosting company. Even if you are new to internet marketing, you will hear a lot of it from the gurus. Whenever the gurus talk about web hosting company, Hostgator has always the name which they will talk about. Besides the reasonable price which they put up, one feature which I like about Hostgator is that they allow to host unlimited domains.

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Is search engine optimization critical to your blog?

Do you blog with specific keywords in mind or just blog on things which you think is interesting to your readers?

I believe many people fall in the second group but I would to bring to your attention that search engine traffic should be the major traffic you can rely on. Continue reading

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Autopilot Profits again?

There are many people who ask me whether I am a fan of Ewen Chia? What do you think?

I guess many people have this idea since I am always promoting Ewen’s product. The main reason why I am promoting his product is that his products are always top notch. Meaning the sales letter has high conversion and his products do deliver as promise. It is really important for affiliate marketers to promote products which has high conversion and low refunds. To achieve this, you have to search for products which meet at least this 2 requirements below. Continue reading

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How to Build an Opt-in List II

From the previous post, “How to build an opt-in list I“, we talked about the mistakes to avoid when building a list. As said before, maintaining a list is the harder part compared to building a list. List building involves relationship building.

Doing it the right way requires some skills and effort. Before you start out to build a list, think of what you want to get out of it. It could be just to build your brandname, to offer freebies, or to make a profit out of your list. Whatever it is, you must put across the right message in your first introductory message after the the opt-in confirmation. You do not want your subscribers to have the wrong idea of what they can get out of you. If they get the wrong message, they will opt out or simply become unresponsive. Continue reading

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Should Beginners Use AdWords for List Building?

I came across various methods on how to build a list. Since having a list of subscribers is vital for all internet marketers, many people are struggling to build up their own list. Some people will advice to offer a free newsletter from your website to build up your list, while others will suggest to write a free report or ebook to entice visitors to optin to your list. For any methods which most people suggest, that offer you give in return for the subscriber’s contact must be true and compelling offers.

Some people may find that by giving free reports, ebooks or newsletters are effective in list building. In a way, it is true as the beginner can easily buy private label rights and modify the articles and give it to his subscribers. However, such methods takes time and money to take effect too. Why? If you have such good offer for your potential subscribers, yet you only find that there are only a few visitors to your websites. Do you think you can entice them and build up a large list? Also, these methods are useful when the beginner has knowledge on SEO to attract traffic to his optin page to build his list. Then again, if he is that good, he wouldn’t be a beginner, right?

Hence, I am telling you that there is another method to build up your list, even if you are a beginner and you don’t even know anything on SEO…

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