Time to beef up my Marketing efforts

Seems like I have got to beef up my effort to achieve more income from my internet marketing businesses. Internet marketing is all about creating lucrative system online and should be done with much planning first before execution. Actually, I used to believe that traffic will come on its own if I blog. Well, I was proven wrong with my own traffic stats. I even believe that people will come from search engines to my blog through the keywords I targeted when I post. Well, again I was proven wrong since the traffic comes and goes without bringing me much income even though it was targeted traffic.

Think all of us should learn from mistakes. I am not trying to procastinate here because I would rather try to think of more creative ideas to earn more money. Procastination is simply a waste of time and nobody is going to pity you. 

I used to rush through the whole night building a website just to be the first to promote a hot new product as an affiliate. Well, this has earned me quite a bit of money since I am the first to tap the traffic from PPC but it wasn’t the thing that I am looking for. I believe an internet business shouldn’t be like this. Earning money is one thing, but to build a business on just a night effort seems like it wasn’t going to last for long. This is proven as more sites will pop up later promoting the same product as you. Bummer!

And finally, like a pail of water splashing down my head, I finally realised that I can be the one coming up with marketing strategies to leverage on other people effort. Believe in yourself and you can do it. For the next few months, I will crack my head to come up with good marketing strategies to create stable money generating businesses and I will share some of them on my blog.


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