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Is Social Media Marketing the way to go?

What is social media marketing (SMM)? Social marketing is internet marketing through the web 2.0 technologies. Yesterday we talked about social media optimization (SMO). Are there any differences between the two?

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Things to look out for in Social Media Optimization

I just found out that I am on the million dollar avatar homepage. MillionDollarAvatar is an avatar based social networking platform which allows us to promote our site and communicate with other members using a avatar randomization scheme. This simply means … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing New Face

Affiliate marketing has put on a new face. In the past, affiliate marketing is as simple as directing a prospect through an affiliate link and earning a commission when he made a purchase. Today, people would like to buy from … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing in Singapore

Internet marketing is picking up at a really fast pace in Singapore. This could be seen from the huge influx of people getting into Internet marketing and more Internet marketing seminars appearing in Singapore to create a wave of interest in Internet marketing. I have personally attended the World Internet Summit Singapore. Continue reading

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EvoSuccess 5 days Value-Packed E-course to Affiliate Marketing

If you have been following our blog real closely, thank you very much for your support. We hope that by now, you have already leave your contacts with us, by filling in your name and your email address on the … Continue reading

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How to Choose High Traffic Domain Names?

It is important to choose a good domain name for your website. Having a domain name which is able to attract high organic traffic is already half the battle won. With viewers/ customers typing in your domain name to search … Continue reading

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Traffic Magnet – What Makes An Alexa Mover?

Perhaps you have already noticed the movers & shakers when you visit Alexa’s homepage, but have you thought about the reasons to their rapid increase in ranks? Maybe you can also learn something from these traffic magnets and become a … Continue reading

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Alexa – A New Look on Traffic Ranking Page

If you havent been visiting Alexa, then perhaps it is time for you to take a look at your Alexa rankings. They have a new look to their traffic rankings page. Now, they have included bar charts of visitors of … Continue reading

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Tips to Consider while Boost Your Blog Traffic

Most of us will religiously blog almost every other day so that our blog is updated to benefit our viewers. However, when we check out the number of readers visiting our blogs are so miserable, we become dishearten. Does this sound … Continue reading

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Does your Pagerank affects your Organic Traffic and Profits?

Pagerank is Google’s way to determine the importance of a website for a certain set of search terms or keywords. Though the Pagerank is not the only factor which gets you a good ranking for a search result, it is … Continue reading

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