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Google Page Rank – Are you obsessed with the little green bar?

Either you will ignore it or you will have the habit of checking it consistently. Well, for my case, whenever the computer has the Google toolbar installed in it, I will check it out most of the time. If you are … Continue reading

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Is Hakia Going to be The Next Google?

Not sure if you are aware of it but there is another search engine coming up. It is called Hakia. Instead of the algorithms which Google is using, it is based on semantics or meaning. Now, recall what is the … Continue reading

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Hubpages got a new look

Hubpages has just got a new look.

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Get Free Advertising from Adwords

Lately, there are quite a bit of buzz in using Adwords or PPC in general. We have heard so much advantages in using Adwords to help us in advertising our products or even helping us to advertise for the products … Continue reading

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Do you earn enough Adsense money from your blog?

Are you making a killing at your Adsense ads? If yes, then let me congratulate you. You may like to share some strategies here as to how Adsense income can be maximised. First, let me share a bit on what … Continue reading

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FreeIQ is up and running…

FreeIQ is now the in thing in the internet marketing arena. Many people including Gurus have already started to promote it like hotcakes. If you have not heard of FreeIQ before, let me be the first to tell you. Don’t … Continue reading

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Google Adwords

I have finally understand why the internet marketing gurus always asked us to experiment and try to tweak whatever we can to get the best results. It can be our ads, our layout of the blog, the keywords which we … Continue reading

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Danger with Pay Per Click

Not too sure if everyone here uses pay per click (or PPC in short). But recently, I started to make use of PPC, in particular Google Adwords. Since I read so much about the “goodness” of using PPC to advertise … Continue reading

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Have you started to use Akismet to reduce spam on your blog?

Are you being spammed everyday? i guess this is a big problem that plagued many of us. Fortunately, there is Akismet to the rescue. I like to share some of my experience with regard to spam in this post. A … Continue reading

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Dont Blame Others, Work Towards Your Own Success!

I wonder how many of us are still working. We often like to complain a lot. We like to say why our company are so stingy, why bosses like to cut cost and reduce all our benefits? Most often then … Continue reading

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