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Instant BestSellers Launches Today

Instant bestsellers launches today. To give you a feel of what the product is all about, Ewen and I had planned to called it the instant best seller. It is basically a tele-coaching program to teach you the methods to create best selling products. As you have know, Ewen is extremely good at creating info products.
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Sell your own info product…

While it is good to get by as an affiliate marketer, you may be missing big profits on the table. I always believe that greater profits come after a bit more effort. As an affiliate marketer, you may be relieved of the burden to create any information product or to provide any customer support. But do you know that you are already creating content when you are trying to promote a product and presell to your list? Continue reading

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BlackHat or WhiteHat?

Are you blackhat or whitehat?

Take your stand.

My definition of blackhat is to exploit a loop hole to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors, and to make a huge amount of money in the process…
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Squidoo | Affiliate marketing with Squidoo

Affiliate marketing with Squidoo – By now, you should have known that Squidoo is well liked by big brother Google. It is almost 100% guaranteed to get ranked as no 1 on SERP for non competitive keywords and easy to get ranked on the first page for competitive keywords. Continue reading

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Squidoo – Are You Facing Low Traffic Volume to Your Squidoo Lens?

Remember that I wrote about Squidoo the other day. Perhaps, you have already started making your Squidoo Lens too. 🙂 But did you realise that your lens are not attracting as much traffic as you expect it to? Well, we … Continue reading

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Squidoo – Usefulness of Squidoo Lens to Internet Marketers

Can you recognise this picture? Well, that is Squidoo. More and more people are going into making squidoo lens nowadays. In case you are not aware of Squidoo, I will briefly describe what Squidoo is all about. Basically, Squidoo is … Continue reading

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Get Linked from Evosuccess

If you noticed, our blog has a few interesting features. One of them might be of interest to you. Why? One of the features will enable our readers to leave their links on our blog. This can be useful as linking … Continue reading

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Secrets by Elite Marketers

I just received an email from Cody Moya. He said that he is going to give away over 120+ hours of MP3 audio files, featuring Today’s Most Successful and Well-Known Internet Marketers. I am really excited. I don’t know you … Continue reading

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List Building- It is quality, not quantity

I just finished listening to a teleseminar by Ewen Chia.   In that program, he is teaching us how to become a super affiliate. Basically, it is to become his clone and become as successful as him. Well, in that … Continue reading

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We are Back!

Hi Everyone! We are finally back from Taiwan and we cant wait to blog and talk to you guys. It has been a wonderful holiday for us, and we hope that you have also enjoy the whole of last week … Continue reading

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