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Hostgator – What do you look out for in a web hosting company?

There are many of us who know about Hostgator, a web hosting company. Even if you are new to internet marketing, you will hear a lot of it from the gurus. Whenever the gurus talk about web hosting company, Hostgator has always the name which they will talk about. Besides the reasonable price which they put up, one feature which I like about Hostgator is that they allow to host unlimited domains. Continue reading

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Is search engine optimization critical to your blog?

Search engine optimization SEO is important for your blog to get traffic from search engines. One thing for sure. Traffic from search engines is definitely more targeted than traffic from social networks. Continue reading

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Autopilot Profits again?

From all of Ewen’s product I have, I can tell you that his Autopilot Profits is the one which have achieved the most sales for me. I admit that I did not do much to promote it or offer any bonus along with it. But it has consistently generated a few sales for me in a week just by promoting with AdWords alone. I even registered an ugly domain name in SEO sense to promote it. My squeeze page was not even in the first 5 pages of Google organic search results. This is bad, real bad. Now that I consider myself intermediate in SEO optimization, I really feel embarassed to tell you my mistake. But I think everybody makes mistakes while learning, so there is nothing to be embarassed about it. Continue reading

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How to Build an Opt-in List II

Building a list means a win-win situation for you and your subscribers. It’s simply can’t be a one sided affair where you win all the time. Go join a list to learn how people build and maintain their list. A good mix of freebies and product recommendations is a good mix. Be sure to guage for yourself through some testing to see which combination your list respond best to. Continue reading

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Should Beginners Use AdWords for List Building?

Yes, one of the most direct method to get people to sign up your list is to use AdWords to drive traffic to your optin page. Only when you have large amount of traffic to your optin page, you can then attract them to sign up your list by giving your free newsletters and reports. Also, AdWords is one of the few methods which you can target the “types” subscribers to your list, because you can only target on people who search for certain keywords. Then these group of people can see your ads and sign up for your list Continue reading

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How to Build an Opt-in List I

Building a list is easy. But to create a list of people who trust you require more than just setting an squeeze page to collect leads. A list is worth nothing if nobody trusts you and act on your recommendations. The money is in the responsive list. You are able to generate income at will when your lead are waiting for you to press the hot button. Continue reading

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Cody Moya – A Creative Internet Marketing Expert

Cody Moya is a creative internet marketing expert whom I like. His articles usually filled with useful ideas and most of the time, ideas which we usually overlook. Recently, I have came across one of his articles on “15 Creative Ways To Make Money With eBooks”. Some of his ideas are really brilliant and I will like to share them with you and some of my thoughts about it. Continue reading

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