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Hi, a big hello to everyone! Welcome to our site. This site is managed by me (Lester) and my partner Jasmine. Both of us lived in Singapore (the lion city). The one on the left of the photo is Jasmine and I am on the right.

We are working smart together in this internet marketing business hoping to attain great success in our life and to attain financial freedom using the shortest possible time.

That is why our website is named evosuccess.com, to attain evolutionary success in internet marketing. Currently, we are dabbling in affiliate marketing and internet copywriting. We are progressing into product creation as it is the next step to advance the internet marketing level.

We hope to share some new ideas as we discover along the way and hope that everybody will benefit from our posts. We may do some product reviews at times if we think that it is beneficial to your learning.

In life, we have to strive to be the best to avoid any disappointment when we grow old.

To your success!
Lester & Jasmine

ps: If you need to contact us, you can just use the “Contact Us” form on the blog and we will try to reply when we have access to our laptops.

8 Responses to About Us

  1. Harro! says:

    Wishing you the best success guys.

  2. Adam Sweet says:

    Good luck to you guys. It’s not easy. Anything I can do to help you please don’t hesitate

  3. Wz` says:

    Keep Going~ Wish u 2 all the best !

  4. John says:


    Great to know that there are more and more Singaporean in this business. Hope we can do a JV one day. Haha!


  5. Harro! says:

    Dear Lester, Jasmine,

    Just dropping a line to let you know that there is a power packed Web 2.0 seminar coming up on 24thMarch07.

    Registration is starting now…. http://www.nexus2007.com
    We have Google, SalesForce.com, Adobe, and tech industry guys coming to talk about the new technologies out there.

    It’s only SGD15 for a full day of seminar and foods. I look forward to chat with you then…


  6. Frank says:

    Good Luck in your venture.

    As you alsready know, this is hard work and requires patience.


  7. Ricky says:

    Good luck with your internet marketing endeavors.


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