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Distraction is my Number ONE Killer

I admit I am very easily distracted when I am online. Are you like me too? If you have the same symptoms as me then probably you are an easily distracted person. Here a list of symptoms for you to … Continue reading

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Mike Filsaime – Fish, Poles, Boxes, and Buttons… WTC

I am back after one week of tough training from my in camp training (ICT). And I was shocked to see that my blog theme has been reverted to the default theme. Sorry for the ugly theme. And now everything … Continue reading

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Life without Internet Access

Life is tough without an internet access. I am currently undergoing in camp training for the whole of Sep and is only entitled to use the internet only for 30 minutes each time per queue. The worst part is that … Continue reading

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The Best Marketing Strategy…

I think after all the different types of strategies suggested by different gurus, most of us are confused and dont know what to do and how to go about do it. Some gurus prefer to give us an overall picture … Continue reading

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Dont Blame Others, Work Towards Your Own Success!

I wonder how many of us are still working. We often like to complain a lot. We like to say why our company are so stingy, why bosses like to cut cost and reduce all our benefits? Most often then … Continue reading

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Money loves Speed

Guess you have heard enough of dayjobkiller. Have you bought a copy of it? The price is going to increase in a few hours time. I am not going to promote it to you. It is a book with the … Continue reading

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Make Your Affiliate Motivated to Sell

It is so easy today to create an affiliate program for your products with today’s technology and help. But in actual fact, are your affiliates working hard enough to help you sell your products? With so many products out in … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction – Like Attracts Like

Lately I have been reading up on Law of Attraction. Perhaps, I am late on this topic since quite a number of bloggers have been talking about this already. Basically, it is to tell us that like attracts like, and “you … Continue reading

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Some good advices for the newbie affiliate marketers

I know it is normal for newbie affiliate marketers to get excited when they start to market online products. If you are not excited at all, then you shouldn’t be in this business. I was once at this stage and so I … Continue reading

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What do you learn from seminars and summits?

This may come a bit late. But read on… I have attended the World Internet Summit Singapore (WIS) last year and before that, I have the idea that there is something secret which are being shared to attendees only. There … Continue reading

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