Do you have your own marketing plan?

I was rather short sighted previously when I first started internet marketing. I went without a plan and just plunged into any niches recommended by any gurus. The niches are of course profitable. But to plunge in without any plan means suicidal.

So what do I mean by a marketing plan? It means how you are going to sustain your promotion for a period of time preferably forever with the niche earning you money on autopilot. If you just plan on creating a squeeze page and hope that buyers will come by, then you are just creating another empty house in the virtual world.

A rudimentary plan should includes a market research, some traffic generation methods, and some promotion strategies to make the buyers buy from you and not from others. Market research is the most important part of the plan. This is because the subsequent methods depend greatly on the niche you focus on and the product you are promoting.

If you are like me and have read tons of ebooks, you should have realised that most of the ebooks do not touch on techniques of researching the market or just barely scratch the surface and quickly move on to the next chapter. They will teach you things like to narrow down on the broad market bla bla bla. This is what everybody has already know. And so market research is the most prized skill which you should hone first before plunging into any market. I believe that the best way to hone your market researching skills is to do more research and more testing. The more you practise the better you become in selecting profitable niches.

With a profitable niche on hand and the product to sell, the rest is easy. I can easily list more than 10 methods to generate traffic. And the laziest method is to just outsource this part of the task to a traffic generation specialist.

Lastly, do split testing on your sales page or squeeze page to squeeze the most out of the traffic. Testing shouldn’t be outsourced unless you want someone else to know how much you are earning. 🙂

Start your plan today and wish you internet marketing success online.

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2 Responses to Do you have your own marketing plan?

  1. Honey J. Brown says:

    Lester, I’m afraid to tell you this… but
    marketing plan is not a good idea to most
    businesses, because most home based businesses
    are started by previous employees.

    people who work from 9to5 don’t have the mindset,
    rather they just try to follow some ridicules
    formula, be a good citizen and do what ‘everybody’
    are doing.

    Marketing is World Domination. Think Google.
    Think McDonalds. And study these owners…

    And soon you’ll realize, this what they are
    representing (hamburgers, best search engine
    results) has little or nothing to do with
    their businesses.

    The way they put their plans together is not
    something as simple as making an business plan.

    Think about billionaires as aliens who came
    to this planet to RULE the entire planet.

    hmm… I hope you get the idea.

    Because little people don’t grow Big.
    Unless they think like aliens.

    Honey J. Brown.

  2. johnk says:

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