Grow your Traffic with Articles

In an online business, one of the most important thing is to master the art of growing traffic. You can either do it by pay per click or using other free methods like blogging or writing articles. Every method has its own pros and cons. It is just how you manage them to your advantage.

I personally prefer growing my traffic with articles writing. Here are some things to take note when you are writing your articles. The main purpose is to provide content and interest the reader to click on your link in the resource box to go to your website. The website where they are taken to must have the same theme as the article. Readers are clever enough to see your plot to just promote them some affiliate products.

Writing more isn’t better everytime. The more you write doesn’t mean the more you will earn from affiliate commissions. There are articles which are just mass produced by some article generators. Do you think your readers are robots? Always write in the shoes of your reader and not for the sake of making a sale. This way, your article will be more inclined to solving your readers’ problem and they will buy your solution. It is a bit of a copywriting thing involved.

Spreading your articles the correct way will definitely give your article the attention it deserves and give a boost to your traffic. There are many stories about submitting the same article to multiple directories may actually do more SEO harm to your article. So to avoid this, it is sufficient to distribute your article to the top article directories with high PR and high reader base. In this way you can get readers from both search engines and the article directories. Do it on a regular basis, and you will be able to grow your traffic with loyal readers who will always buy on your recommendations.

Take action now and start to write an article on your own. If you really dread doing this, outsource it to a ghost writer but remember to check the quality of your articles before you submit them to an article directory.

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2 Responses to Grow your Traffic with Articles

  1. Tom Harvey says:

    Article marketing is a great, inexpensive, way for you to generate traffic and subscribers to your lists.
    It may take a little time to get together some quality, valuable content but is definately worth it as the articles circulate the internet and in posts for many months and years generating an ongoing flow of traffic.

  2. Fred Smith says:

    I agree fully about the benefits of writing and posting articles. The many results you’ll get are well worth the time and effort.

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