Is article marketing dead?

A million dollar question again? Nope. Recently, my partner Jasmine has been trying some new techniques in articles marketing to drive traffic to her new website where she is promoting an affiliate product. And to her amazement, she earned her first sale from this product last night through the few articles she wrote last week. She was about to say that article marketing is dead but truely it is not. And she was really happy about it.

Article marketing is really alive and kicking for those who thinks that it is dead. I would like to say that perseverance is the key to success to article writing. Though you may not see immediate results like PPC, the efforts builds up as you write more articles.

Here are the things you gain with article writing:

  1. Credibility (People see you as an expert)
  2. Free traffic (You save a all your money on PPC and gets to pocket all the commissions with some “hard” work)
  3. Recurring traffic(People will follow to read your new published article like clockwork)
  4. Customer loyalty (People buy from you again and again whenever you promote a new product)
  5. And much more…

The best article directories you can submit to are those crowding with readers belonging to the niche you are targeting, not just those with high traffic. Those with high page rank might help to rank your articles high up in the search engines like Google where you can get more free targeted traffic. Last thing, write for human beings to read and not for the search engines.

PS. Go take a look at what Jasmine is up to at her blogging to the bank website.


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  1. Joe Teh says:

    Very true… article marketing is alive and kicking.. 🙂

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